HHeads up, guys—there’s no need to style your hair the same way seven days a week. Get more mileage out of your haircut with the right tools from MITCH™. Check out these insider tips to groom for any occasion, and send that tired old routine packing.

Paul Mitchell Hard Wired
Work Hardwired™ into dry hair with your fingertips, starting in the back and sides to create a lived-in look. In the front, apply the product from scalp to ends for extreme lift that’s sure to get you noticed.

Paul Mitchell Construction Paste
Apply Construction Paste™ sparingly to the sides and back of hair with your fingertips. Use slightly more at the top and front of the style. Brush through hair to distribute the product evenly and build a look with loads of definition and control.

Paul Mitchell Mitch Clean Cut
Blow-dry hair smooth. Put a small amount of Clean Cut™ on your fingertips, and apply it to hair from mid-strand to ends using a light touch. Gradually work more product into hair toward the ends for a relaxed, low-maintenance look.